7 Warning Signs That Your FREELANCING Career is not going to take off!!

7 Warning Signs That Your FREELANCING Career is not going to take off!!

You left a cozy job – there are dreams in your eyes – happiness seems to float in the air – no more your creativity strangulated in a small office cabin. You are going to soar high for sure –“Wait till I hit the six figure income” – Now the only way is up! – Why haven’t you thought about starting a freelancing career earlier? In few months you will be sipping martini in some beach resort!!


STOP! Day dreaming!!

Life is not a bed of roses!

Am I going to paint a gloomy picture of your future?

Not at all!

But I am going to warn you of the impeding dangers.

There are warning signs all around you – but in your enthusiasm – you have turned a blind eye to them.

I am your well wisher.

So don’t shoot the messenger if I say:

“You are not going to make it!!”


There is a searing pain in your heart – right now I am an unwelcome person.

“How dare he say such demoralizing stuff?”

Ok let me quickly come to the point – before you shoot me!

Here are the 7 warning signs that you won’t make it:

Warning 1: You are the CROWD!

Nothing can be more dangerous than being just a part of the crowd.

You are a freelance translator – English to German.

Good for you!

But will you get translation work?

Very low probability!

There are already hundreds and thousands of ‘Eng-Ger’ translators.

What is so unique about you that clients will use your services?

Are you struggling to find a suitable answer?

Then my friend you are in BIG problem.

You have to provide some unique value proposition.

Stop being a part of the crowd.

No one cares about the crowd.

May be LEGAL translations is your forte – harp about it – blow your horns!!

Simply stating ‘I translate English to German’ won’t give you business.

Warning 2: You are not interesting!

Have you ever wondered why some people are surrounded by so many friends – while many others are loners!

The answer is simple!

You have to be interesting.

None of us like to connect with BORING people.

Talk sensibly but don’t bore people.

If there isn’t much to differentiate about your services – spice up your marketing messages – give some freebies – do crazy stuff but get attention!

When clients have not much to choose from – they pick up people they want to connect with.

Understand what your target audience loves!

Warning 3: You are in for a ‘quick buck’!

If someone has misguided you into believing that freelancing is all fun.

Get a reality check.

Freelancing is as competitive and demanding than any other regular profession.

So better tighten up your belts.

There is no easy money here.

It is all blood & sweat!

If you left your regular job thinking freelancing is an ATM machine – you are doomed!

Warning 4: You don’t network!

If no one knows about you – then who will give you business?

Out of Sight: Out of Mind!

If you are not connecting with peers, superiors, industry people and potential clients – you are digging your own grave!

Freelancing business is run on ‘recommendations’.

So not expanding your circle is death of your career.

Actively participate in your industry conferences.

Think beyond immediate results – make connections for life!

Warning 5: You are not ‘process oriented’!

Initially it will be all rosy.

You get a project – deliver it – get payment and VIOLA life is good.

But as the work pressure starts building up – mistakes starts creeping in.

And before you know – your entire productive hours are wasted in dousing fire!

Don’t let that happen.

Create a work process – address to even minute details – deliver quality throughout the client experience.

Use tools & techniques to enhance your productivity.

Warning 6: You lack integrity!

There is no substitute for honesty.

Fooling your clients has an expiry date.

One day everything will crash!

The bad news spread like wild fire.

And before you know it – the entire industry knows about your bad practices.

Are you looking to be employable for few months?

I guess not!

So be honest in all your dealings

Warning 7: You don’t have a long term plan!

“I just want to buy a Ferrari and then close shop!”

In the real world it does not work like this.

A business is an in going process fir which adequate preparation needs to be done.

If you have not prepared for what you are going to do in next 5 years – better start than be sorry.

Freelancing business is constantly changing – if you don’t plan accordingly – very soon you will have to close the shop – and without the Ferrari!

Are you shaken up??

You should be!

As this is the whole purpose of the article: to push you to take some concrete action!

Am I successful in it?

Let me know in the comment section below!