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5 simple steps to become a very successful freelance writer!


Let me cut the chase – and come to the point – “so you want to become an AWESOME writer!” – I will guide you through 5 easy steps to become one – yes it is as simple as that – trust me – it is a fool proof method! – for generations authors have used these steps to carve out a successful career.

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5 reasons why most freelancers don’t have 6 figure income!

Not For You

The word Freelancing sounds so glamorous! You don’t have a boss – you work when you want – just deliver the goods and check your bank account – everything seems so easy! But alas! It is not so – the life of a freelancer is a tough one – tight deadlines – non existent social life […]

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7 Warning Signs That Your FREELANCING Career is not going to take off!!


You left a cozy job – there are dreams in your eyes – happiness seems to float in the air – no more your creativity strangulated in a small office cabin. You are going to soar high for sure –“Wait till I hit the six figure income” – Now the only way is up! – […]

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